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Bordier Rum Babas

Bordier Rum Babas


Luc Mobihan, chef of the restaurant Le Saint-Placide in Saint-Malo, takes inspiration from the islands to create a gourmet dessert in a jar for his friend Jean-Yves Bordier. Rum already linked them in 2014 when they created a pop-up restaurant during the Route du Rhum with the École du Goût, in 2015 during a trip to Guadeloupe... And in August 2016, for the rum babas!
The babas, made with Beurre Bordier, are enveloped in a syrup with vanilla seeds and the sweet scent of rum. A very tender dessert... Will one jar be enough?
Serve them with their syrup, either alone or accompanied by whipped cream, fresh fruit and for those with a sweet tooth, a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
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