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Fresh duck confit, in fat, 2 legs

Fresh duck confit, in fat, 2 legs


Magnificent duck confit 2 legs. Fresh cooked duck, artisanal, in fat, vacuum packed, long shelf life.

Artisanal product "Les Saules", variable weight, approximately 450g (+/-5%).

Extra with small fried potatoes (cooked in duck confit fat), garlic and parsley, as well as a small green salad. Brown and brown for a few minutes in the pan. Happiness !

For wine, let's go to Dordogne, the region of foie gras: let's open and treat ourselves with a Pécharmant 2014 or 2018 from Domaine Corbiac, a perfect red wine, available here on the e-boutique, and at the Porto Vecchio boutique.

Duck confit is also available in cans, 2-leg glass jars and 4-legs metal tins.

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