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Organic smoked paprika

Organic smoked paprika


In short;Before being a spice, paprika is first and foremost a variety of pepper. PaprikaPepper softPimenton or Bell pepper, are some of the names given to this fruit. Picked when fully ripe, the paprika is dried for around two weeks in green oak smokehouses before being deseeded and then crushed by hand using a stone mill.

ProfileThe taste of smoked paprika is very familiar to us since it is the spice that flavors chorizo and other Spanish cold meats. Its aromas of smoked ham evoke the flavors of barbecue cuisine. Its taste is that of a red pepper, sometimes close to a tomato. It finds its place among fans of good food as well as among vegetarians.

We offer smoked paprika from Spanish producers in our store. These sisters are the 3rd family generation to produce authentic paprika using traditional methods specific to Pimentón de Murcia. We also offer their sweet paprika in its non-smoked version.


UseSmoked paprika naturally finds its place in Spanish cuisine: paella and other varieties of rice, Galician octopus or seafood. It is a must for barbecue cooking, and works wonders on a piece of beef. Rather a fan of plant-based cooking, here is your new best ally. Smoked paprika brings touches of smoked bacon or ham for a 100% vegetable dish.

Smoked paprika goes particularly well with cumin which gives it character and a slightly woody smokiness, or even fennel seed if you're looking for more freshness. It is also found in our original barbecue blend, Smoky Beef Rub.

Roasted sweet potato, creamy smoked paprika and chipotle sauce

Galician octopus, smoked paprika and citrus fruits

Pasta alla norma and smoked paprika

Divert mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, tomato sauce


It was from the peppers that Christopher Columbus was able to bring back with him to Europe that the first paprika powder was produced in Spain. If today the techniques vary depending on the region, the region of Murcia as well as the Vera valley produce a pimentón which today has its AOC and requires respect for its traditional production.

100ml glass jar, 2-year shelf life

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