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ORGANIC coriander

ORGANIC coriander




In short I might as well say it straight away, although it is the same plant, coriander seed has nothing to do with its leaves, whether on the nose or in the mouth. Coriander seed comes in the form of a small, round, slightly wrinkled grain with a light brown color. Although the origin of coriander is not precisely known to this day, it is now grown almost everywhere on the planet. We clearly distinguish Asian varieties, such as coriander grown in India, where the grain is quite large, from Mediterranean and European varieties, smaller in size. However, even if we prefer the taste of European varieties, the aromatic profiles remain similar.

Profile Used whole or in powder form, the flavor of coriander seeds is reminiscent of the peel of a bitter and slightly sweet citrus fruit, their scent, that of a freshly squeezed orange. As seeds, it will merit a light roasting at dry in a pan to release all its aromas and become crispy in the mouth. In powder form, it will make a fruit salad, orange wedges, a thin apple tart, or a simple vinaigrette.

We offer in our store Coriander from a producer in the Czech Republic in organic farming in whole or freshly ground seeds.

30ml glass jar, net weight 20g

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