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Wild Curry

Wild Curry




In shortDid you know that curry does not mean a spice, but a mixture of spices! It is a term that has become generic and designates a wide variety of spicy preparations. This mixture of several spices varies according to regions, uses, families, according to the ingredients and their proportions, and the time spent roasting them, crushing them…

ProfileAfter the mild, fresh and round curry, we are pleased to introduce you to our Wild Curry, more full-bodied and intense. On a base of turmeric, we discover notes of cumin and Sichuan berries, and the blond mustard seed which gives it its bite. We love its fruitiness with oven-roasted vegetables or pan-fried poultry.

Our blend is a homemade creation and contains turmeric, garlic, blond mustard, ginger, cinnamon, paprika, fennel seeds, cumin, red Sichuan berries and green cardamom. It goes particularly well with simmered dishes or to flavor oven-roasted vegetables.

30ml glass jar, net weight 20g

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