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Nigella seeds are also called black seeds or black cumin, among several other names (from the Latin nigellus meaning black). The plant from which this spice comes is native to the Mediterranean region, first used as a spice in Turkey and Syria where ours comes from.

Nigella seeds are said to have been used by Cleopatra due to their health and beauty enhancing properties…

Although the seeds don't have much scent, they are very flavorful, with herbaceous notes of oregano and cumin. Nigella is present in many cuisines, such as in India where it is used to decorate traditional breads, naans, as well as salads, rice, fish, etc.


Nigella is widely used in spice blends in several forms: whole, powdered, crushed in a mortar, or toasted and passed through a mill.

It is often found in Indian naan breads, Turkish or Berber breads. Its rather mild flavor, reminiscent of nuts when lightly grilled or fried, goes well with potato dishes, green vegetables or even beet salad. In Morocco, it is used in tagines and couscous but you can also spice up your teas and infusions! It can also be used in marinades or other vinegary preparations.

30ml glass jar, net weight 16g

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