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Oenoteca Sciacarello - Domaine de Saparale - red 75cl

Oenoteca Sciacarello - Domaine de Saparale - red 75cl


Domaine de Saparale - Oenoteca micro-cuvée - red 75cl

Pure Sciacarello micro-cuvée - 2017

Sciacarello, an endemic grape variety, which draws all its finesse from its native land, and is revealed here in its most beautiful expression.


Brought together in the OENOTECA collection from Saparale, vintages from plots that are sometimes atypical, sometimes exceptional, and whose expression deserves special attention both in the vineyard and in the cellar.
These vintages are thus in essence very small productions, 'micro-cuvées'... Each year these vintages can change depending on what the vines had to give a few years earlier.

Exceptional Corsican vintage and wine.

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