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Fresh Kampot pepper preserved in salt

Fresh Kampot pepper preserved in salt


Incredible culinary discovery!

In shortSalt-candied green Kampot pepper is a pepper whose grains are similar to fresh green pepper. The pepper bunches are harvested by hand before maturity, while still green. They are then destemmed manually, then the grains are washed and scalded. Finally, they undergo a complex salt fermentation process. No need for a grinder, this salt-candied green Kampot pepper can be eaten as is, or simply crushed with a fork.

Profile The salt-candied green Kampot pepper is astonishing, and it is closer to a small spicy fruit or a condiment than a spice.  Similar to fresh green pepper consumed on site, the crunch of the grain and the intense explosion of flavors in the mouth make salt-fermented green pepper a unique product. Like a little salty condiment, it can be reminiscent of capers, but more spicy.

Culture Rare are the regions that offer fresh green pepper preserved in salt. From our travels, we only know two, the region of Kampot, in Cambodia, which we offer you here, and the region of Pondicherry, in India. Fermentation leaves a grain that appears fresh, still soft and juicy. It is thus similar to fresh green pepper consumed locally in Cambodia. Traditional recipes from the Kampot and Kep region use fresh green pepper a lot, such as stir-fried crab with green pepper.


Use Green Kampot pepper preserved in salt is thought of as a condiment, slightly spicy and salty. It can be consumed as is, to the delight of pepper enthusiasts. Otherwise, it will wonderfully flavor your pepper sauces, white fish in foil, or a salad full of character. It is also a delight placed on a piece of cheese.

Beef tartare with salt-fermented green peppercorns
Sea bass in foil, fennel and green pepper fermented with salt

60ml glass jar, 2-year shelf life

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