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ORGANIC smoked Irish salmon

ORGANIC smoked Irish salmon

13,00 €Price

ORGANIC smoked salmon from Ireland, salted by hand, cut by hand, smoked with beech wood. Vacuum pack. Available in 2,4 or 6 slices. Variable weight due to hand cutting into "real slices".

> 2 slices: approximately 110g (+/- 10%)

> 4 slices: approximately 220g (+/- 10%)

> 6 slices: approximately 330g (+/- 10%)

An incomparable fondant

This is Atlantic salmon, Salmo Salar, who loves the fresh and pure waters, churned by the strong currents of the Irish Sea.

The organic specifications, low density of fish, optimum water quality for better oxygenation, guaranteed GMO-free* food, rich in ingredients of marine origin, makes it possible to obtain an excellent content of essential fatty acids, particularly in omega-3 and omega-6.

Cured with dry salt, cold smoked, our salmon is muscular and low in fat, rich in flavor. The perfectly measured smoking time enhances the flavors of this excellent product.

Plain or accompanied by one of our gourmet ketchups, tomato, yellow pepper, beetroot or spicy mango, smoked salmon brings excellence and delicacy to an aperitif or starter.

Shipping expected in 1 week
  • Livraison

    Produit à conserver au froid +4°, livraison uniquement sur la micro-région de Porto-Vecchio. Colissimo non possible.

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