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The LEGRIS n°3 oyster is farmed in the heart of the Lilia Islands archipelago for 3 to 4 years. Its flesh is fine and iodized with light notes of hazelnut. Served at 6-8°C, it releases maximum flavors while keeping freshness in the mouth.


 - Gold medalist general agricultural competition Paris - 

The Oyster Bar

A craving for oysters? The oyster bar welcomes you for a tasting, an aperitif or a meal. 

Discover our menu in a friendly setting. A LEGRIS hollow oyster, 2, 6,12 or more, accompanied by a glass of white wine and toast with Bordier butter for those with a sweet tooth! The oysters are non-milky, all year round, size 3 to 4.

You can also taste smoked salmon sakus, mini burger blinis with tarama and salmon, mini burger blinis with Corsican mullet bottarga, crispy tarama with 9 different flavors, and many other nuggets from the sea and the earth, so don't wait any longer!

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