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Tarama with Tobiko Wasabi

Tarama with Tobiko Wasabi


Tarama with Tobiko Wasabi

An exceptional aperitif or hors d'oeuvre. Small 100g glass jar. Invitation to open the field of possibilities.


But what is Tobiko? Tobiko is the Japanese word for flying fish eggs. These eggs are small, ranging from 0.5mm to 0.8mm. Tobiko are larger than smelt eggs and smaller than salmon eggs.

And what is Wasabi again, I don't really remember...?Wasabi, or Eutrema japonicum, is a species of plant in the Eutrema genus found in Asia. This species is native to Japan. It belongs to the Brassicaceae family, like mustard and horseradish, and its stem is used in paste form as a condiment in Japanese cuisine.


You can't help but succumb to this tarama with small flying fish eggs flavored with wasabi. Perfect oncrousty breizh and on Breton pancake chips (on sale in the store and on the site).



We select the best fish eggs around the world. MSC cod roe - basic ingredients necessary for making taramasalata - are selected in Iceland. Each time they are caught, the egg bags (roe) are washed, sorted, deseeded, frozen, then thawed, salted, smoked with FSC beech wood, packaged and pasteurized.

Like an emulsion, the recipes are made from Icelandic cod roe. The taramas are made with ingredients from French organic farming. We only use natural colorings: beet powder, turmeric or the ingredients themselves (Espelette pepper, sea urchin coral, etc.).


To be enjoyed with the Breton pancake chips (the crousty breizh and the Craquantes) on sale in the shop and on the site. A delight !


  • Livraison

    Produit à conserver au froid +4°, livraison uniquement sur la micro-région de Porto-Vecchio. Colissimo non possible.

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