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Scottish smoked sea trout 3 to 4 slices

Scottish smoked sea trout 3 to 4 slices


Smoked sea trout from Scotland, hand salted, hand cut, smoked with beech wood. Vacuum pack. Available in 3 or 4 slices depending on the fillet. About 170g.

Firm, low-fat texture, orange color, fine taste & subtle

It is a unique premium product, renowned for its exceptional quality.

Hand salted with dry salt, cold smoked, our smoked trout has a soft and melting texture. The perfectly measured smoking time enhances the flavors of this excellent product.

Plain or accompanied by one of our gourmet ketchups, tomato, yellow pepper, beetroot or spicy mango, smoked trout brings excellence and delicacy to an aperitif or starter.

(Photo 1: presentation idea)

(Photo 2: product photo)

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